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The OSI gets new leaders

The OSI just expanded its board with two new members.

By Apr. 15, 2008


The OSI, Microsoft, and history

Groklaw wants the OSI to bash Microsoft and keep it out of the community. Fine. But it's directly inimical to why the OSI was set up in the first place.

By Aug. 22, 2007


Open-source extremism, and how the OSI can help

Open source runs the risk of being so insular in its ideology that it becomes irrelevant. The OSI can help by expanding its membership.

By Jul. 14, 2009


Who watches the OSI watchers?

The Open Source Initiative judges open source, but isn't democratically elected. Does this matter?

By Aug. 9, 2007


OSI and the value in holding firm

The role of the OSI may well be to do nothing, what with all the emphasis on doing "something," and much of it bad for open source.

By Jun. 14, 2007


Bruce Perens campaigns to join the OSI

Bruce Perens wants to be on the OSI board. What has he done to deserve this?

By Mar. 19, 2008


The OSI digs into license proliferation again...but why?

OSI seems to think it has a license proliferation problem again. It doesn't, and never has.

By Aug. 5, 2008


OSI gives two Microsoft licenses its blessing

Microsoft has finally engaged with open source in the correct way and was rewarded accordingly.

By Oct. 16, 2007


The OSI calls "Foul!" on pseudo-open source

Michael Tiemann, president of the OSI, has decided to stop coddling fake open source companies and push for a new era of enforcement. Here's why he's right.

By Jun. 21, 2007


A cure for the "cancer within open source": the OSI approves the Affero GPL

One of open source's biggest failings has been to extend its relevance into the Software as a Service world. The OSI has finally corrected this with the approval of the Affero GPL.

By Mar. 14, 2008