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TSA, bored of seeing you naked, removing airport body scanners

The Transport Security Administration says its techies have failed to create software that would allow passengers to appears less naked when going through scanners, so it is removing the devices.

By January 19, 2013


U.N. summit's meltdown ignites new Internet Cold War

New geopolitical rift isn't east-west or north-south: it roughly tracks commitment to free expression. The U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and their allies are now facing off against the likes of China, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, and dozens of other nations.

By December 17, 2012


No credit for Uncle Sam in creating Net? Vint Cerf disagrees

A legendary figure in the invention of the Internet weighs into a new debate about the U.S. government's role during that heady era.

By July 25, 2012


Cloud, open source, and new network models: Part 2

OpenStack's Quantum project aims to define a general-purpose network service for cloud-computing infrastructures.

By October 20, 2011


Cloud, open source, and new network models: Part 1

OpenStack's Quantum project is the latest evidence of how cloud computing is changing network architectures forever. What is the cloud network model, and how will it improve cloud operations?

By October 14, 2011


The open-source license landscape is changing

There is an ongoing shift toward open-source licenses that are more permissive, reflecting an increased emphasis on building communities rather than protecting against free-riders.

By June 17, 2011


Software groups urge probe of Novell patent sale

Open Software Initiative and Free Software Foundation ask Justice Department and German Federal Cartel Office to look into the sale of Novell's 800-plus patents to Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, and EMC.

By January 20, 2011


Open-source extremism, and how the OSI can help

Open source runs the risk of being so insular in its ideology that it becomes irrelevant. The OSI can help by expanding its membership.

By July 14, 2009


Open-source hardware standards formally issued

The nascent industry--led by Arduino, Chumby, MakerBot, Adafruit, and others--has never had a governing definition. Until now.

By July 13, 2010


The OSI digs into license proliferation again...but why?

OSI seems to think it has a license proliferation problem again. It doesn't, and never has.

By August 5, 2008