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NASA unveils its Orion deep-space capsule (pictures)

Orion, the centerpiece of NASA's post-shuttle push to break out of low Earth orbit, arrives this week at Kennedy Space Center, but its first manned launch isn't until around 2021.

8 Images By July 4, 2012


Orion capsule, built for deep space, gets to Florida

NASA's first Orion vehicle settles in at the Kennedy Space Center to get outfitted for an unmanned test flight in 2014. The first manned flight is expected around 2021.

By July 2, 2012


Crave giveaway: Dell Alienware Orion M17x Tactical Backpack

This week's freebie: a sturdy, TSA-friendly backpack from Dell that saves you the hassle of having to remove your laptop when going through airport security checkpoints.

By June 8, 2012


NASA: You can't fly to Mars, but your name can

NASA is preparing the new Orion spacecraft for a first test flight. Your name can fly along with it -- eventually to the Red Planet.

By October 8, 2014


NASA's giant vibrating table: Like Magic Fingers for spacecraft tests

NASA is shaking things up in its preparations for future manned space flights with a 55,000-pound table designed to replicate the forces of a rocket during launch.

By October 6, 2014


NASA's Mars rocket to launch on maiden voyage in 2018

The world's most powerful rocket, designed to carry humans to Mars, is scheduled for a test launch in 2018.

By August 27, 2014


NASA plans 2014 Orion test flight

The move is the latest in the U.S. space agency's plans to get critical re-entry flight performance data as well as show what's possible with integration between various systems related to Orion, the Space Launch System, and others.

By November 9, 2011


NASA's Orion edges closer to space (photos)

With plans the space agency announced Tuesday for an unmanned flight test in 2014, it showed that it is determined to move forward with its deep space exploration goals.

24 Images By November 9, 2011


How to photograph the supermoon

Here are some tips to take photos of the upcoming supermoons in all their glory.

By July 10, 2014


Chasing drug-laden 'bogeys' across the skies

Operating from a building in Corpus Christi, Texas, US Customs and Border Protection flies surveillance planes 24-7. CNET Road Trip 2014 got a ride to see how they catch the bad guys.

By June 28, 2014