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Get help organizing the files on your Mac with Big Mean Folder Machine

Let this (currently discounted) Mac app do the heavy lifting for you.

By September 3, 2015


Organize apps on your Samsung Galaxy device

When you’re done removing junk from your Android storage, it’s time to do some organizing. Here are some tips to help you regain that new, uncluttered Android experience.

By April 10, 2015


Bow down to the King of the Hammers

If you've never heard of King of the Hammers, we've got your primer right here. Read up on the week's events and be ready to enjoy the Hammers January 31-February 5.

By January 29, 2016


Clever calendars to keep you organized

A smarter calendar to take the guesswork out of completing tasks, organizing your schedule, or simply keep an eye on what you've got to do.

By May 15, 2014


How to add your organ donor status to Facebook Timeline

Facebook rolled out the ability to add your organ donor status to and even register as a donor directly from your Timeline today. Here's how to do it.

By May 1, 2012


Quick Tip: Get your photos organized on your Mac

So you have all your photos in iPhoto on your Mac, but you also have copies of many of those images around your hard drive. What do you do?

By February 23, 2010


Tekzilla Daily: Organize desktop icons

Do you have a messy desktop in XP or Vista? This simple tool helps you clean up icons on your desktop quickly and easily. It's our secret way to getting a more organized desktop.

March 23, 2009


Scamming non-profit organizations leads to Google gripe

A new scam, targeted at non-profits, attempts to install malicious software when you do a Google search

By January 13, 2008


Quote of the day: We're not the organizers

Bill Gates says while Google wants to organize the world's information, Microsoft wants to give people tools to do so.

By September 14, 2005


Clarify organizes customer service

Its e.link package means customers needing help won't be bounced around--one call will do the trick as vendors communicate among themselves to solve the problem.

August 12, 1997