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Small-city mayors: Build your tech hardware in the US

Leaders of cities outside the typical tech metropolises -- specifically cities touched by Tesla's sprawling electric-car operation in California and Nevada -- want a bigger hand in tech manufacturing.

By October 2, 2014


Hackers break into BART police union Web site

Database of San Francisco-area transit police accounts, with e-mail addresses and passwords, appears online as a protest to cell phone service disruptions.

By August 17, 2011


Anonymous: Anti-surveillance protest tomorrow

The hacktivist group says a worldwide anti-surveillance protest will take a stand against what the ACLU has called "the surveillance-industrial complex."

By October 19, 2012


FCC reviewing SF subway cell shutdown

Anonymous plans "peaceful" protest and encourages people to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if BART shuts down cell service again.

By August 15, 2011


SF subway sets public debate on cell shutdown

BART, the transit system targeted by hackers after it cut cell service in its subway prior to a protest, posts a letter to customers explaining its position and announcing a public meeting on the issue.

By August 20, 2011


S.F. subway muzzles cell service during protest

Activists thwarted after BART system shuts down cell service in advance of planned protest.

By August 12, 2011


'Anonymous' hacker quits, burns bridges on way out

U.K.-based hacker calls leaders hypocritical, says he was proud to support some operations, others not so much.

By August 19, 2011


Store private files safely on a flash drive

Encrypt Stick locks your sensitive information on a flash drive and lets you export vaults of encrypted data for easy recovery should the flash drive ever come up missing.

By July 30, 2010


House panel questions new direction for space

NASA's embattled Constellation moon program, thought by many to be on life support in the face of ongoing budget cuts, is technically feasible and "soundly" managed, a key panel says.

By September 15, 2009


Congressmen question HP chief's stock sale

Two Michigan Democrats want Mark Hurd to explain why he sold stock just before HP's controversial spying operation became public.

By December 13, 2006