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Vignette on sale and OpenText may be buying

Vignette may be looking for a buyer and OpenText may be looking to buy.

By August 25, 2008


Why is Jive bad-mouthing Drupal and Liferay?

Jive has started going after its open-source competition, which may indicate that the upstarts are giving it trouble.

By April 16, 2010


A look inside Jahia's 'pay or contribute' open-source model

Open-source companies are always looking for ways to encourage outside contributions: Jahia may have stumbled upon a winning strategy.

By May 28, 2009


Sign that open source has arrived: SpringSource elected to JCP

Open source is increasingly keeping exceptional company.

By November 3, 2008


The hole in Cisco's collaboration story

If Cisco is gunning for Microsoft, it needs more ammunition--in the form of content.

By October 6, 2008


IBM to pay $1.6 billion for FileNet

The $35-per-share deal marks IBM's third software-related purchase announcement since last week.

By August 10, 2006


Microsoft teams up on content management

Strikes deal with company that specializes in systems for creating, sharing and archiving documents, e-mail and other business records.

By May 12, 2005


IBM steps up information management efforts

Big Blue plans additional funding and new products to help companies better manage and integrate data.

By May 4, 2005


Open Text to acquire Artesia

The planned buy is only the latest shakeup in the market for content management products.

August 4, 2004