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OpenDocument Viewer

viewer for ODT, ODS, ODP file formats

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StarOffice 8 Conversion Technology Preview

Read, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents in OpenDocument format.

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Organise and present data very simply.

4 stars Editors' rating on Nov 20, 2014
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TextMaker Viewer

View and print documents from various word processing applications.

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ODT Viewer

View OpenDocument text (*.odt) files.

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Araxis Merge

Perform advanced two and three-way file comparison/merging and folder synchronization.

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Lotus Symphony

Office productivity suite.

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Personal financial software.

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OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery

Retrieve passwords and disable protection of documents.

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OpenOffice Writer ODT Split Files Software

Split OpenOffice Writer pages into separate files.

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Volkswagen, Audi accused of using software to cheat US diesel emissions tests

In an open letter to the automaker and an official release, the EPA claims that VW's diesels aren't as clean as you'd think.

By September 18, 2015


The driver's license of the future is coming to your smartphone

A few states have begun the journey toward offering a digital version of your driver's license that would reside on your phone. But the going could be stop and go for a while.

By March 21, 2015


LibreOffice makes its case as open source alternative to MS Office

Newest release of open source suite comes as LibreOffice now claims 80 million active users around the world.

By July 30, 2014


Who is responsible for 'Game of Thrones' piracy?

Some critics have blamed Australian pay TV service Foxtel's "outdated" business model for record breaking downloads of HBO's wildly popular show, but is the criticism warranted?

By June 23, 2014


The cutting-edge tech behind the hunt for lost WWII planes

For years, the BentProp Project has searched the seas off Palau for missing planes shot down by the Japanese. Now the group has access to the latest oceanographic technology, which it used to find two aircraft lost for 70 years.

By April 20, 2014


Dial-up dies as better internet technology finds broadband appeal in Aus

Australians turn away from dial-up in droves, as the number of subscribers to mobile and fixed wireless has increased thirtyfold in six years.

By April 7, 2014


Get your hand off it: Australian law on phone use in the car

You know you shouldn't use your mobile when driving, but where do the Australian state and territory laws stand on the matter?

By April 4, 2014


Office Web Apps refresh likely on Microsoft's menu

With Office 15 for desktop beta expected this summer, a new "preview" version of Microsoft's cloud-based Office Web Apps will also surface this year, says one report.

By March 19, 2012


Microsoft SkyDrive aiming to outcloud iCloud

Beyond tight integration with Windows 8, SkyDrive could be due for a slew of new features and enhancements in its next version.

By February 21, 2012


Litigation lunacy: Silicon Valley's lost its collective mind

The dreary details differ, but the same theme informs--we're good, they're bad, and dear judge: would you please kneecap these guys for us?

By February 12, 2012