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Box goes mobile with new OpenBox API

The online storage provider has a new service that lets mobile developers more easily integrate cloud storage into their apps--for free.

By September 10, 2009


Box.net launches OpenBox: One place to save all your stuff, everywhere [video update]

Ever wanted to save all your stuff in one place? Look no longer. Box.net has a new solution called OpenBox that promises to do just that.

By November 13, 2007


Social TV app Zeebox lands in U.S. with programmer backing

The second-screen TV companion seeks to blend TV programming with interactive features, including social networks and targeted advertising.

By September 26, 2012


Box.net now lets files talk to you

Box.net has partnered with iSpeech to read your text documents back to you.

By April 28, 2009


Dell Mini launching Thursday?

The ultraportable Dell's long-rumored to have in the works will be introduced in two days, according to a partner.

By September 2, 2008


Dropbox gets a mobile API and a trio of apps

Dropbox is unleashing a trio of apps for popular mobile devices, as well as a new API for app developers to build cloud storage into their applications.

By May 4, 2010


Box.net updates its search to go inside your files

Box.net now lets you search through your files based on what's inside them, not just the name.

By March 24, 2009


TextFlow partners with Box.net to solve its big weakness

TextFlow is working with Box.net to put its Microsoft Word document comparison skills into practice on files people have stored on Box.

By February 23, 2010


Box.net gets a slick wiki-style document editor

Web storage service Box.net has gotten even better with a new collaborative document editor that lets its users edit and create documents within its service.

By February 25, 2009


Box.net gets back to business with new look

Box.net has a new look, and is going after business users with new collaboration and tracking features.

By February 5, 2009