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Open-Xchange launches Facebook contact exporter

A new Social OX feature helps people collect their contacts' e-mail addresses for easy import into Google+, the latest salvo in a war over data ownership.

By July 7, 2011


Open-Xchange plans Facebook contact exporter

With Google+ just launching, moving contact information into it from Facebook is all the rage. After Facebook blocked one approach, Open-Xchange plans another.

By July 6, 2011


Open-Xchange nabs $9 million to fight Exchange

Open-Xchange faces an uphill battle as it tries to persuade enterprises to dump Exchange for a small, open-source provider of email.

By November 4, 2008


Open Xchange lands $9 million funding round

The Microsoft Exchange challenger prepares to further invest in its open source e-mail and collaboration software with an infusion of capital from investors.

By November 3, 2008


Open-Xchange aims for U.S. expansion

Open-Xchange plans to expand from Europe to the United States--and move many operations too. Also, more components are becoming open-source software.

By February 13, 2008


Want to migrate from Lotus/Domino? Open-Xchange makes it easy

Open-Xchange is making it easy to migrate from IBM's Lotus/Domino. Salvation is in sight.

By November 14, 2007


Open-Xchange goes Express, sheds its Suse roots

Open-Xchange is releasing an easy to use, SMB-focused version of its e-mail/collaboration software. What's particularly interesting is that it's built on Ubuntu, despite the founders' history with Suse.

By July 15, 2007


How NSA snooping secures profits for famed privacy pro (Q&A)

Government surveillance has been a business boon for PGP creator Phil Zimmermann, whose company Silent Circle counts SEALs and the CIA as clients. Plus: why encryption needs a "Spartacus" moment.

By September 30, 2013


Facebook blocks a second contact export tool

The dominant social network isn't making it easy for people to extract data for use in Google+. A new tool that only fetches friends' names is apparently even too much.

By July 11, 2011