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On the eve of OnMedia NYC: media and advertising industries still optimistic about 2008

The media industry has always been a fertile ground for innovation, but with a growing number of technology plays and social media sites entering the space, the past few years have been especially lively.

By January 26, 2008


A design week in NYC: friendlier cabs, greener gadgets, thick crusts, and disco balls

Having just returned from New York City, I wonder whether I find New York so intense because that's just how it is or because I tend to overbook my schedule, trying to squeeze in an ambitious number of meetings.

By February 3, 2008


AlwaysOn favorites: Play-Doh bunnies, sunglasses, and a blender

At its New York conference, the digital advertising publication showcases a number of successful online video ads.

By January 29, 2008


At AlwaysOn, traditional media gets the scoop on what's new

But web users probably know all this stuff already.

By January 30, 2007