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Netflix topples Apple as king of U.S. online movie biz

Netflix's market share increased to 44 percent last year, while Apple lost 32 percent of the market, according to IHS iSuppli data.

By June 1, 2012


Fox teams up with Apple for online movie rentals

Apple has reached a deal with Fox to distribute their movies online for rental.

By December 26, 2007


Sky Store movie rentals open to all, also on YouView

The Sky Store online movie rental service is now open to non-subscribers, with new films such as Alpha Papa on offer for £3.49 a pop.

By December 4, 2013


MegaUpload's closure boosts movie rentals and sales

A new study shows that in the months following the takedown of Kim DotCom's cyberlocker, online movie revenue increased by 6 percent to 10 percent.

By March 7, 2013


Apple iTunes makes sweet music in online video market

More than a virtual jukebox, iTunes tops the charts in online sales of TV shows and movies, according to report.

By April 23, 2013


Netflix stuns investors with Q4 profit, adds 2.05 million subscribers

Analysts predicted Netflix would see a 12 cents per share loss, but the company turned a 13 cents per share profit for its fourth quarter.

By January 23, 2013


Netflix misses subscriber target for third quarter

The video-rental service adds 1.2 million new U.S. subscribers in its third quarter, shy of the nearly 1.8 million it needed to hit its full-year target of 7 million.

By October 23, 2012


European ISPs defend U.N. Internet tax

Meanwhile, reps of Verizon and the U.S. government attack the proposal to give a U.N. agency more control over the Internet, which could include levying fees on content providers.

By August 20, 2012


Report: YouTube finally readying premium movie rentals

Google's video-sharing site has signed on three major Hollywood studios for the service, which could launch in the next week or two, according to a report by The Wrap.

By April 25, 2011


If Web movie views double, Netflix -- not content -- is king

IHS Screen Digest predicts more movies will be viewed online than via DVD. That's due in large part to the popularity of Netflix, which owns a significant percentage of that growing market, the research firm says.

By March 26, 2012