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Get a lifetime VPN Unlimited subscription for $39

From the Cheapskate: If you don't think you need a VPN, read this. Plus: a $5 phone charger!

By March 8, 2016


Meet the smart light switch that can also protect your home

The $250 D-Link Komfy Switch has a built-in 1080p live streaming camera with a surprising number of security features.

By April 13, 2016


At iPhone event, Tim Cook vows to protect your data

Privacy concerns at the heart of Apple's conflict with the FBI find their way into the company's new-product announcements Monday. Apple will face a tougher crowd in court on Tuesday.

By March 21, 2016


Amazon flip-flops, will protect user data on Fire tablets after all

The e-commerce giant had nixed encryption on the slates, a move cybersecurity experts panned. Now it says it'll bring the technology back.

By March 4, 2016


Lord of the Paranoids: New Yahoo security exec on protecting a billion-plus accounts

Bob Lord, Yahoo's new security chief, will lead a team called the Paranoids. Like all security executives, he has a tough job.

By November 21, 2015


What you need to know about encryption on your phone

While we wait for the courts or Congress to rule on Apple vs. FBI, learn more about what is and isn't encrypted on your phone, and how you can better protect yourself.

By March 10, 2016


Amazon offers stronger protection for your account

Two-factor authentication requires both a password and verification code delivered to your mobile phone.

By November 18, 2015


Quickly create a VPN with the Hotspot Shield browser extension

Access blocked content and protect yourself at public hotspots with the Hotspot Shield extension for Chrome or Firefox. It's free, easy and effective.

By September 23, 2015


Phone makers aren't doing enough to protect your privacy, says CEO of security-conscious GranitePhone

The security-focused Sikur GranitePhone is available to pre-order today.

By September 29, 2015


Get a lifetime subscription to TigerVPN for $29

From the Cheapskate: What's an ounce of prevention worth to you? Normally this service runs $9 per month, so this is an amazing deal.

By August 18, 2015