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ombudsman news is the Financial Ombudsman Services regular magazine for people interested in money matters providing news, case studies, interviews...


Financial Ombudsman Complaint app

The Financial Ombudsman Complaint app has been designed to submit your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service by using your mobile phone.We...


AAPT claims it should be exempt from the TIO Scheme

In a submission to the Department of Communications, telco AAPT has asked the government to make it exempt from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman scheme.

By March 10, 2014


Use the TIO when phone troubles get grim

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is the place to turn when your telco is causing you serious pain.

By April 22, 2012


Report: EU ombudsman criticizes Intel antitrust regulators

Investigator criticizes antitrust regulator in recent case, saying European Commission didn't include evidence that was potentially exculpatory for the chipmaker.

By August 7, 2009


Man sued by Apple support firm for complaining gets new iMac

Dimitri Papadimitriadis, who was sued by an Apple support company in Greece for complaining about its service on a blog, finally gets a new iMac after an intervention from the Greek ombudsman.

By April 10, 2011


ICANN selects ombudsman

Net's primary governing body taps former Canadian government bureaucrat to step into the new role.

By November 29, 2004