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Google offloads Motorola's China, Brazil factories

Motorola has struck a deal to pare back on its manufacturing facilities, allowing Flextronics to take them over.

By December 11, 2012


RIM looks to offload NewBay in bid for cash

RIM acquired NewBay back in October for around $100 million, according to reports. Whether it'll be able to get that same amount back remains to be seen.

By August 13, 2012


Vivendi faces trouble offloading Activision stake, report says

The company, which owns an $8.1 billion stake in Activision, has tried to get Microsoft to bite, but so far, has failed.

By July 13, 2012


Mobile phone data usage ripe for Wi-Fi offload

Deutsche Telekom study finds that the vast majority of mobile device data usage is from work or home, meaning Wi-Fi can help relieve congestion.

By September 28, 2011


Wobble-proof Navy crane can offload cargo at sea

The U.S. Navy's experimental automated crane allows vessels to offload cargo in rough seas, eliminating the need for a deep-water port.

By June 3, 2010


StandoutJobs: Offload your recruiting site

Don't build your own jobs site--offload it to this new company.

By January 30, 2008


Cisco to sell Linksys

A Bloomberg report has revealed that the networking giant has hired Barclay's to offload the consumer router division.

By December 17, 2012


Is Microsoft's Bing secretly for sale?

Microsoft publicly says the search engine is a core strategic asset for the company. But privately, could Redmond be exploring ways to offload it?

By April 26, 2012


Smaller wireless carriers extend networks via Boingo Wi-Fi

Non-Verizon, non-AT&T wireless carriers are turning to Wi-Fi network provider Boingo to help offload data traffic and to extend their wireless networks.

By September 26, 2012


Multitasking too much? Brain sensor could lighten the load

It doesn't quite read your mind, but the experimental Brainput device tracks brain activity to recognize when users are multitasking to offload work.

By May 15, 2012