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Microsoft's 'Custom XML' patent suit could put ODF at risk

Microsoft Word is under threat from a new lawsuit targeting its use of Custom XML. Is there a danger sign here for the Open Document Format?

By August 13, 2009


Microsoft under fire for ODF glitch in Excel

Recent release of Office 2007 Service Pack 2 includes spreadsheet interoperability issues. OpenDocument Format backers blame Microsoft, but software giant says issue is inherent in ODF.

By May 7, 2009


ISO takes up Open XML-ODF 'harmonization' as Norwegians protest

Office Open XML is now in the hands of the ISO which is taking on ODF interoperability. But angry Norwegians stage a demonstration.

By April 10, 2008


Analysts: Use Open XML, ODF only to make a statement

Research firm Burton Group predicts adoption of Microsoft's OOXML file format, regardless of results from ISO standardization bid.

By January 15, 2008


Sharepoint and why ODF, CDF, and other file formats may not matter much

Sharepoint is the biggest threat to open source.

By November 25, 2007


$9,000 is the new 'free' for Oracle

Oracle has everything to gain from the world shifting to Open Document Format, which makes its strategy of charging $9,000 for the ODF plug-in so bizarre.

By April 20, 2010


Microsoft backs OpenDocument Format for ANSI standard

Software giant favors ODF in a vote at the American National Standards Institute.

By May 17, 2007