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Virgin Oceanic sees Richard Branson sink to new depths

Not content with conquering the heavens with commercial spaceflight outfit Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson is taking on the deep, diving into a new venture: Virgin Oceanic.

By April 6, 2011


With Virgin Oceanic, Branson plans to get deep

Billionaire Virgin impresario wants to pick up where the late Steve Fossett left off and send a deep-sea submersible with a single driver to bottom of Mariana Trench.

By April 5, 2011


Ocean Power Tech readies energy-harvesting buoy

The PowerBuoy is about 150 feet from top to bottom with most of the structure under water, a design said to minimize the environmental impact.

By February 28, 2011


Testing 'sandbox' proposed to launch ocean power

A consortium seeks to build a shared facility to test tidal, wave, and offshore wind power off the coast of Cape Cod to launch the nascent ocean power industry.

By November 5, 2010


Latency matters even across the ocean

A new transatlantic cable will shave 5 milliseconds off communications times for financial traders aiming for the very speediest transactions.

By October 11, 2010


Oceans' salvation may lie in exploration

A gala event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first--and only--manned dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench highlights just how much work needs to be done if mankind hopes to rescue the planet's oceans from their rapidly degrading health.

By April 15, 2010


Google Earth for Android dives into oceans

The Android version of Google Earth adds a layer to explore the planet's oceans. It also enables two-fingered rotation on a larger number of handsets, and an enhanced look-around gesture on Android 2.2 phones.

By August 24, 2010


Crave 15: Oceanic seduction (podcast)

This week on Crave we have a hand-crank car driven by a beatnik, a super awesome garbage can made from repurposed trash, and an adorably annoying alarm clock that will provide endless drunken entertainment at your next party.

By August 24, 2010


At Woods Hole, conquering the deep ocean

Road Trip 2010: In a quest to uncover secrets of the deep, scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute have developed cutting-edge software and a series of high-tech underwater vehicles.

By July 17, 2010


DIY Weekend: Extreme toothpick artist a patient man

Steven J. Backman makes sculptures out of toothpicks, a long, painstaking process. If you're assembling something out of 30,000 little pieces, you need oceans of patience.

By June 4, 2011