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Duet Game has you rotate to avoid blocky obstacles (pictures)

A simple concept paired with simple graphics somehow makes for some of the most addictive and challenging gameplay in the App Store.

5 Images By March 3, 2014


Mix up your workout with Obstacles XRT for iOS

If you're tired of the same routine or just can't get out for a run, this clever app gives you an intense cardio workout -- wherever you are -- on a virtual obstacle course.

By January 24, 2013


Watch this DARPA robot climb, leap, and walk past obstacles

A video from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency shows a highly agile robot capable of navigating some serious obstructions.

By October 25, 2012


Wipeout has you running an obstacle course (pictures)

This platformer game based on the popular TV game show brings the silly and challenging obstacle courses to your iOS screen.

6 Images By September 7, 2012


Robotic plane dodges obstacles

MIT's Robust Robotics Group has developed an autonomous robotic plane that can avoid obstacles inside a parking garage without the need for GPS navigation.

August 9, 2012


Groupon model still faces obstacles to success

A new study from Forrester Research says the daily deals model is riddled with risks.

By November 7, 2011


IBM: Opportunities and obstacles in Brazil

IBM's Claudia Fan Munce, who grew up in Brazil, talks about the role of open source, venture capital, and other technology forces inside the country.

By August 26, 2008


Apple wins patent for crowd-sourced traffic navigation

The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.

By July 29, 2014


Google unveils self-driving car, sans steering wheel

The two-seater prototype relies on built-in sensors and a software system to safely maneuver around obstacles.

By May 27, 2014


Handspring CEO sees obstacles for Treo

CNET's Brian Cooley talks with Handspring's co-founder and CEO, Donna Dubinsky, about what it will take for the Treo to gain widespread market adoption.

November 1, 2007