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Google, allies aim to spread Internet to poorer parts of globe

The Alliance for Affordable Internet aims to cut Net costs from 30 percent of monthly income to 5 percent. Other members include US and UK government agencies, Facebook, and Microsoft.

By Oct. 7, 2013


Google-backed project aims to give 3 billion more people Net access

Google, Liberty Global, and HSBC, are working to build a satellite system to help bring Internet access to those lacking first-world network infrastructure.

By Sep. 9, 2008


Canadian firm plans 78-satellite Net service

MSCI is taking a different approach to try to relieve the congestion that's sullying the smartphone experience.

By Jan. 19, 2011


Google's Schmidt: Full steam ahead Yahoo ad deal

Regulators haven't shared any opinions yet, so Google plans to go ahead with its search-ad deal with Yahoo. Also: YouTube revenue engine starting to rev.

By Sep. 17, 2008