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Reality check: Microsoft's calculated 're-Surfacing' of the PC business

Microsoft may have made some OEMs nervous by its entry into the tablet business, but channel conflict in the tech business is as American as apple pie.

By June 20, 2012


Telcos said testing plan to offer PCs to businesses

Call it the second coming of the network computer, if you like, but major telecommunications companies have set up pilot outsourcing programs where they would supply access to virtual computers.

By April 3, 2009


Can Microsoft retail succeed where others have failed?

Apple stands out as the big exception but the history of tech companies trying their hand at operating their own retail stores is grim.

By February 12, 2009


Silicon money: Nonprofits are true powerbrokers

Trade organizations have amassed more than $1 billion in fighting battles for the industry. Chart: Tax-exempt tech influence New tech think tank created

By March 28, 2006


Verizon blames federal rules for broadband holdup

Company is holding back high-speed fiber service out of fear that it will have to lease the links to rivals at below its own cost.

By August 24, 2004


Can video relieve Baby Bell ills?

A string of deals between Baby Bells and satellite TV companies signals that local phone companies are scrambling to add video services in a bid to fend off cable rivals.

By September 2, 2003


The inner geek behind basketball's bad boy

Dallas Mavericks' Mark Cuban made a bundle selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo. Nowadays he sees a gold mine in HDTV. But there's a more serious matter to contemplate: the NBA playoffs.

By May 13, 2002


Companies resurrect abandoned names, ditch ".com"

Businesses are realizing that maybe there is something wrong with the nontraditional, newfangled names that came into vogue in the mid-'90s.

November 13, 2000


Despite breakup, AT&T continues to reshape telecom landscape

Ma Bell has always been the most closely watched telecommunications company, and despite the breakup, that's not likely to change.

By October 25, 2000