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Google Search brings nutrition data to more than 1,000 foods

From chow mein to carrots, the Web giant rolls out detailed nutrition information for desktop and mobile search -- the feature also works with the new audible question-and-answer interface.

By May 30, 2013


Bill Gates-funded super bananas ready for human testing

Genetically modified bananas loaded with vitamin A are scheduled to go into human trials in the US with the aim of improving nutrition in Africa.

By June 16, 2014


Twitter is the Wonderbread of intellectual nutrition

We are entering a world where we may stop knowing how to think, because we have lost the ability to read.

By May 22, 2008


Let the Situ kitchen scale do the calorie counting

The Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale works in tandem with an iPad app. The kitchen scale keeps track of nutritional information.

By April 4, 2014


Space spinach: Getting your greens on the ISS

Proper nutrition is just as important in space as on Earth. Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows how he cooks up a nice side of spinach for space snacking.

By March 25, 2013


How to food-shop well with Shopwell

This free iOS app provides personalized nutrition advice without being preachy.

By January 12, 2012


Add apps to Foursquare for more info at check-in

Check-in at your favorite spots and get weather reports, nutrition informatio, and beer recommendations from friends.

By June 29, 2012


New 'Bite Counter' a pedometer for eating

Device tracks wrist-roll motion to tally how many bites people take in hopes they can better gauge not calories or nutrition, but at least consumption.

By August 3, 2011


More fun than an exercise machine

The Omega Nutrition Center does much more than juice.

By September 22, 2009


NutriSleuth aims to make grocery shopping easier

A new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch goes beyond nutrition and calorie counting. NutriSleuth hopes to make it easier to shop for a family with multiple dietary needs.

By September 15, 2010