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Nyko Wireless Nunchuck

At CES 2008, Molly Wood takes a look at the Nyko Wireless Nunchuck, a new gaming accessory for the Wii.

May 13, 2008


Nyko Wireless Nunchuck takes the wire out of the Wii waggle

Nyko has revealed the Wireless Nunchuck, a Wii Nunchuck peripheral that works without any cables between itself and the Wii remote.

By January 7, 2008


Wii's controller: not just a nunchuck

Wii's controller: not just a nunchuck

By May 11, 2006


Weird and wonderful gadgets of CES Unveiled 2014

Before CES officially opens its doors on Tuesday, Las Vegas time, a smaller preview of gadgets occurs at the Unveiled event. Here are some of the highlights.

By January 5, 2014


Nintendo Wii Mini

The bare-bones Wii Mini gets rid of many Wii features to just focus on playing disc games, but the stripped-down experience isn't worth the savings.

November 25, 2013

2.5 stars Editors' rating November 25, 2013

Olympics get blue Wii with Mario, Sonic

Bundle includes a Wii, Wii Remote, nunchuck, and the two biggest characters in gaming putting aside their high-octane platforming hijinks to compete in horse-riding and rowing competitions.

By October 11, 2011


Wii U out in the UK on 30 November, rumoured price £199

Nintendo's tablet-esque console in coming out at the end of November, unusually ahead of the Japanese launch.

By September 13, 2012


Is a Nintendo Wii a good deal at $79.99?

That's the lowest price ever for the storied game console, but with Nintendo's next-gen replacement just around the corner, should you buy in?

By June 25, 2012


Nintendo Wii Mario Kart bundle review: Is $150 still a good deal?

The Nintendo Wii has never been less expensive, but it's also a system that's facing eventual extinction. We review the latest Nintendo Wii Mario Kart bundle.

By August 23, 2011


Blue Wii with Mario and Sonic brightens up Olympics

A blue version of the Nintendo Wii is due out, painted in celebration of Mario and Sonic's London Olympic outing.

By October 11, 2011