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Street View backpack cams take on winter in Canada's Iqaluit

Trekker cameras go for a freezing stroll in the capital of Nunavut, home to igloos and polar bears.

By March 21, 2013


Google Maps explores the faraway Arctic with Street View

The tech giant's mapping team goes further north than it's ever been to add in roads, rivers, and lakes in the beautiful Canadian Arctic, which is only accessible by plane or boat.

By August 22, 2012


A sunny forecast for hot water

Systems that heat water with solar energy are catching on--again. Could they insulate building owners from fluctuating gas bills? Photos: Return of solar thermal

By February 20, 2007


U.S. broadband A-OK

It's hip to fret about the need for a "national broadband policy," but CNET News.com's Declan McCullagh wonders if the U.S. is really doing so badly.

By January 10, 2005