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Micron to buy Numonyx for $1.27 billion

One of the world's largest flash memory makers agrees to be acquired by Micron Technology in a deal worth approximately $1.27 billion.

By February 9, 2010


Report: iPhone 4 is like an iPad Nano

The iPhone is essentially an iPad Nano, according to a report.

By June 24, 2010


Intel, STMicro ready to launch Numonyx

The new flash memory company is formed with contributions from both chip heavyweights, and will begin life just as the flash memory market turns sour.

By March 30, 2008


Tearing down the Microsoft Kin

Tech site Chipworks has cracked open Redmond's new phone and had a look at what makes the youth-oriented device tick.

By May 18, 2010


Intel's next-gen memory closer to reality

Intel and Numonyx announced practical advancements they believe will make phase-change memory meet its performance and capacity promise.

By October 28, 2009


Intel, Micron develop flash chips for USB drives

The NAND flash memory, capable of 3 bits per cell, is based on 34-nanometer technology. The chips will be limited initially to flash drives.

By August 11, 2009


Hard disk or solid-state? Think again

Although solid-state drives are in vogue, market forces and technical issues are making them a little less appealing than before.

By July 2, 2009


Intel develops fast, cheap optical links on silicon

Intel has developed low-cost silicon technology for optical communications.

By December 7, 2008


HP makes memory from a once-theoretical circuit

Over three decades ago, a Berkeley professor theorized that there should be a circuit that can remember what's happened to it. Now, HP is demonstrating it actually exists.

By April 30, 2008


Intel posts healthy Q1, ups forecast for Q2

Excluding its flash memory business, which it had already admitted was off, Intel posted a solid first quarter and said global PC demand appears healthy.

By April 15, 2008