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Sony Google TV update coming soon

Despite lackluster fanfare, the software developers at Sony seemingly remain committed to adding value to the company's existing Google TV devices.

By February 1, 2012


LG announces its first Google TVs

LG has announced its first Google TV models will be available this year with a mix of Google technology and the Korean company's own.

By January 5, 2012


Sony gives away Google TV on Facebook

In a bad month for Google TV including a poorly received update and a major slam from Logitech, Sony is giving away Google TV players in a Facebook competition.

By November 28, 2011


New Google TV 2.0 hardware coming soon

While existing Google TV customers will receive the "next" update early next week, Google says it will take several months for new hardware to emerge.

By October 28, 2011


Why an Apple HDTV is a huge risk

An Apple television has been rumored for some time, and as Jobs' biography has revealed, it is one of his dying wishes. But is it a good idea?

By October 27, 2011


Vizio details its Google TVs' sizes, LEDs

Vizio's VIA Plus suite of Internet apps, which includes Google TV capability, will be available in two screen sizes of LED-based LCDs so far.

By January 4, 2011


Google TV roundup: The first wave of products

CNET rounds up the first wave of Google TV products that have hit the marketplace and outlines what Google needs to fix.

By November 11, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1347: Got an STD? There's an app for that.

On today's show, a brief digression on the topic of McRibs and then back to the serious news of the Windows Phone 7 launch, Amazon doubling rev share for newspaper and magazine publishers, and broadband satellite service with real speeds. Also, our review of the first TV with Google TV inside, and the best looking iPhone game ever. --Molly

By November 9, 2010


Sony LCDs build in Google TV, cost $599 and up

Sony's much-anticipated series of LCD TVs is the first of its kind to build the Google TV service into a television. The NSX-GT1 series starts at $599 for the 24-inch model.

By October 12, 2010