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Energy Dept. funds CO2 recycling, 'solar fuels'

Part of a stimulus plan, the Energy Department creates a California-based "innovation hub" for artificial photosynthesis and funds tests to use waste CO2 in building materials and plastics.

By July 23, 2010


Start-up Novomer uses CO2 to make biodegradable plastics

Talk about an abundant feedstock. Novomer gets funding to commercialize plastics made from carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

By November 7, 2007


Green tech news harvest: Redesigning suburbs, cooking carbon, and mapping wildfires

Climb in gas prices could fuel antisprawl movement; carbon tax raises gas prices in Canada; Novomer rolls out CO2-based plastic.

By June 30, 2008


Dutch giant DSM invests in plastics start-up

Carbon-dioxide-to-plastics company Novomer attracts DSM, a Dutch conglomerate that makes everything from food enzymes to pharmaceuticals to chemicals.

By December 20, 2007


Green chemistry--the tech behind a lot of green tech

Innovation in materials to make them environmentally benign and less wasteful is behind many green tech companies and initiatives.

By November 12, 2007