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Tolkien-notated Middle-earth map found in copy of 'The Lord of the Rings'

An illustrator's personal copy of "The Lord of the Rings" contains a map with handwritten notes from J.R.R. Tolkien himself.

By October 26, 2015


1,000 year old music reconstructed from lost musical language

Music that hasn't been heard for 1,000 years has been reconstructed from a Medieval musical notation technique lost for centuries.

By April 26, 2016


New England Journal of Medicine releases iPad edition

The journal says its weekly print issue is now enhanced on the iPad with audio, expandable images, and search, share, and notation features.

By March 14, 2012


Internet-scale 'man in the middle' attack disclosed

This post initially misstated the meaning in this context of ASN. It stands for Autonomous System Notation.

By October 17, 2008


Standards group OKs math markup language

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommended MathML 2.0, giving its seal of approval to the XML dialect. MathML lets Web authors include mathematical notation in their pages and lets others reuse and transform those equations. Improvements over MathML 1.0 include an extended set of symbols and expressions and better integration with other W3C recommendations including Cascading Style Sheets for adding style elements to multiple Web pages and XML Linking Language, or XLink, for linking to XML pages. XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a technology that lets people design industry- or task-specific markup languages.

By February 23, 2001