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Norway says no way to 3D Apple Maps

Apple has been refused permission to fly over Oslo in Norway to capture 3D images for the Maps app.

By August 13, 2013


The Pirate Bay sets sail for Norway, Spain after Sweden sinks ship

The site's bandwidth was being funded by the Swedish Pirate Party, but fear of a lawsuit forced that organization to stop paying for the service.

By February 26, 2013


Facebook faces facial recognition fight in Norway

"It's a very powerful tool Facebook has and it's not yet clear how it all really works," Norway's data protection commissioner says of a feature that can recognize your friends in newly posted photos.

By August 4, 2012


Microsoft stumbles with off-color quip in Norway

In an extraordinary display of entertainment at the Norwegian Developers conference, Microsoft offers a dance routine and rap number with some quite unforgettable lyrics.

By June 9, 2012


Live from Norway, it's the Opera TV Store

An HTML5-powered app store courtesy of Opera Software promises yet another way to inject the Web into your television, the company announces as CES 2012 gets under way.

By January 9, 2012


Anonymous lashes out at Norway massacre suspect

Dubbed Operation UnManifest, the hactivist network's latest campaign is aimed at discrediting the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, accused of murdering dozens of people in Norway last week.

By July 25, 2011


Norway's Think e-cars: Soon born in the USA?

Think, a manufacturer of electric cars based in Norway, announces that it wants to build an assembly plant and a technical center in the United States.

By March 13, 2009


Norway oil giant floats idea for bobbing windmills

This story initially attributed funding to the wrong company. Enova, an energy technology company owned by a branch of the Norwegian government, is an investor in Hywind. The project has not received investment from the international EV truck and bus manufacturer of the same name.

By August 20, 2010


Norway oil giant floats idea for bobbing windmills

An anchored Hywind prototype developed by Statoil will undergo two years of testing. The company is looking to install more floating wind turbine test farms in possibly Scotland or Maine.

By August 19, 2010


Norway, Sweden to get giant GE wind turbines

Five sites will be getting 4-megawatt offshore wind turbines, whose rotor diameter is equivalent to the length of a football field, including the end zones.

By June 30, 2010