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Data breach at University of Maryland exposes 300K records

School president apologies for a "sophisticated" security breach that exposed the sensitive personal information faculty, staff, and students at the school since 1998.

By February 19, 2014


Vying for Sprint, Softbank said to bid $8.5B for Universal Music

Vivendi, which owns the world's largest music group, rejects the offer despite its $2 billion premium, the Financial Times reports.

By July 18, 2013


Universal search reportedly vanishes from Galaxy S3

Feature at the center of a patent spat with Apple over its use in the Galaxy Nexus has been removed from the smartphone in an over-the-air software update.

By July 10, 2012


Federal rules on campus file sharing kick in today

Inside a sweeping education statute are requirements for universities to police their networks and educate students on copyright law.

By July 1, 2010


In SOPA's shadow, Megaupload strikes back against Universal

The hosting site successfully fights a copyright claim by Universal Music Group over a YouTube video.

By December 15, 2011


Google-China flap spurs federal plan to bypass censors

Members of Congress announce the Global Internet Freedom Caucus and a bill to spend federal dollars on research to "defeat Internet suppression and censorship."

By March 9, 2010


Plug-in opens up federal courts, with your help

When you pay to download a court document, the next person won't have to, thanks to a Firefox browser plug-in that's a collaborative project of Princeton University and the Internet Archive.

By August 14, 2009


Federal Trade Commission shuts down rogue ISP

The Federal Trade Commission has Pricewert, an alleged rogue ISP, shut down by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division.

By June 4, 2009


Regulators approve Comcast-NBC Universal deal

The FCC and Justice Department give the OK to the new joint venture between Comcast and NBC Universal but put several conditions on the deal.

By January 18, 2011


New year, new policy push for universal broadband

Newly apparent D.C. focus centers on widespread and faster connectivity, seemingly at the expense of strict Net neutrality regulation, Stanford law fellow Larry Downes observes.

By January 21, 2010