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Spam-fried noodles on Mars?

NASA-funded study explores dining options in a simulated Mars mission. And most of them don't look half bad.

By Aug. 13, 2013


Tesco Mobile's £6 monthly contract: Cheap as noodles

Tesco Mobile is offering a SIM-only monthly contract that offers a smidgeon of talk time and unlimited texts for a very reasonable price and no commitment

By Aug. 12, 2010


Fish out noodles one at a time

The Al Dente Spaghetti Tester is either a device for measuring doneness in spaghetti, or a utensil for eating spaghetti very, very slowly. You decide.

By Sep. 22, 2008


Pasta machines promise a variety of noodles

If you're serious about your pasta, it may be time to invest in a pasta machine able to crank out all the pasta you want.

By Sep. 11, 2008


Joby noodles with flexible monopod

Joby announced the new one-legged Gorilla Solo at the Photo Marketing Association trade show, a model good for small cameras or remote flash equipment.

By Mar. 7, 2007


NASA's idea of a Mars ‘reality show’

What happens when you stick six wannabe astronauts in crammed quarters in the middle of nowhere for months? A NASA-funded study seeks to find out.

By Apr. 1, 2014


Curiosity captures footage of a Martian moon eclipse

For the first time for any Mars surface expedition, the Curiosity rover captures images of two Martian moons eclipsing each other.

By Aug. 18, 2013


'Star Wars' X-34 Landspeeder is a pedal-powered win

Chalk another one up for awesome geek dads. This particular dad built his son a pedal-powered X-34 Landspeeder from wood and flower pots.

By Sep. 10, 2013


Want salt with that? Sodium meter checks soups, sauces

Thanko's Handy Salt Meter works on hot liquid dishes, but you'll have to do some math. Just don't stick it in that bag of Pringles.

By Aug. 1, 2013