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My non-touch Windows 8 world

What's it like to live with a Windows 8 laptop that lacks touch? So far, not so great.

By November 9, 2012


New non-Retina iPad Minis hinted at in iOS 7 code

A new trio of iPad Mini models is on the way, at least according to some bits of code inside a developer release of iOS 7.

By July 31, 2013


Apple says Samsung 'copied' iPad in spiteful non-apology

Apple's notice explains Samsung's tablets don't infringe on its design patents, but goes on to brag about legal victories elsewhere.

By October 26, 2012


New iPad overheating a non-issue, CNET tests confirm

Exhaustive tests conducted by our US sister site confirm that the new iPad overheating fears are not a big deal.

By March 23, 2012


Telikin focuses on seniors with non-Windows touch all-in-ones

Telikin offers non-Windows-based all-in-one desktops for seniors and others that may not be comfortable with computers.

By July 15, 2011


iPad 2 will sport anti-reflection non-retina display, claims analyst

Despite rumours that Apple will be upscaling the retina display of iPhone 4 for its second-generation iPad, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims his sources say anti-reflection will be the focus.

By February 1, 2011


Hands on with the Lenovo Thinkpad 11e series

Students get four 11-inch choices, Windows and Chrome OS, in both touch and non-touch.

By April 14, 2014


How a WiMax iPod Touch could be a non-AT&T iPhone alternative

AT&T's got a contractual lock on the iPhone until 2012. But a WiMax-enabled iPod Touch--with Skype--might be a loophole.

By March 17, 2008


Get a refurbished Kindle Touch for $69

That's the same price as a new non-touch-screen Kindle. The warranty may be shorter, but the touch features definitely offset the risk.

By March 13, 2013


Razer Blade 14: slimmed-down gaming laptop hotrod

Wafer-thin, super-powerful and tremendously backpack-friendly, the Blade lives up to its name. But its non-touch display leaves a bit to be desired.

By July 8, 2013