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Get Max Payne 3 and L.A. Noire Complete (PC) for $9.99

That's an awful lot of gaming goodness for a sawbuck. You'll need a Steam account to download these two Editors' Choice-winners.

By May. 30, 2013


Classic cool: Superhero style goes noir

An artist strips all of the fancy colors from superheroes, and the results impress.

By Feb. 13, 2013


Superheroes reimagined in film noir style (pictures)

A video game inspires an artist to create a classic black and white look for some popular superheroes.

10 Images Feb. 13, 2013


LG Prada Phone pictures surface, show noir-themed interface

Press shots of the new LG Prada phone have leaked ahead of its official launch -- ogle them here.

By Dec. 14, 2011


LA Noire PC in 3D: hands on

Sure, L.A. Noire came out on consoles six months ago, but it wasn't in eye-popping 3D. We go hands on with the latest incarnation made especially for PC gamers.

By Sep. 29, 2011


The cutting-edge animation tech used in L.A. Noire (video)

GameSpot gets a closer look at MotionScan, the 3D animation technology that was used in Rockstar Games' new detective video game, called L.A. Noire.

By Jun. 20, 2011


Rockstar Games debuts 'Pass' with L.A. Noire DLC

L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass will allow gamers to preorder all the forthcoming DLC at a discounted price until June 14.

By May. 31, 2011


L.A. Noire and the state of interactive storytelling: Are we there yet?

Why is effective storytelling, done so well in television programs such as "Mad Men" or "The Wire," such a difficult task for video games?

By May. 19, 2011


The gear of L.A. Noire (photos)

A few of the unusual promo items for the new retro mystery game L.A. Noire.

5 Images May. 19, 2011


PS3s overheating and shutting down while playing LA Noire

PlayStation 3 consoles are overheating and shutting down while playing Rockstar's new LA Noire game, in an issue the developer initially blamed on Sony's own firmware update.

By May. 19, 2011