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Panasonic NN-SD997S microwave

If you're interested in the inverter tech angle, you may be disappointed. But if you don't expect to get artisanal omelets from a microwave, it's still a solid choice for a large, midprice countertop model.

September 25, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating September 25, 2013

Panasonic's NN-SD997S microwave uses inverter technology (pictures)

Take a look at this sophisticated Panasonic microwave.

10 Images By September 25, 2013


Panasonic Microwave with Inverter Technology NN-SD997S

This large countertop microwave comes with inverter technology.

September 24, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 update will let you install apps to SD card

A new update for the Galaxy S4 that reportedly begins rolling out today will let users install apps to their microSD card.

By June 6, 2013


Get an Apple iPad Dock for $9.97

Plus sales tax. Even so, that's $20 less than you'd pay for a handy desktop dock if you walked into an Apple Store. Nice little Father's Day gift, perhaps?

By June 9, 2011


iExpander iPhone case adds SD, extra battery, 30-pin connector

Make your iPhone wishes come true with a case that doubles battery life, offers expandable SD card memory, improves the flash, and brings a 30-pin connector to the iPhone 5.

By October 11, 2012


Sideburn mounts your iPhone via Mac SD card slot

Keep your iPhone at eye level with the Sideburn, a small mount that takes advantage of the neglected SD card slot on your Mac.

By February 21, 2012


3-in-1 iPad Connection Kit: SD, microSD, and USB

For the same price as Apple's two-dongle kit, you can get this three-in-one solution that adds a microSD reader to the mix. It's available now for preorder.

By December 14, 2010


Sony STR-DE997 (black)

The feature-packed STR-DE997 is a good value if you don't care about style.

February 27, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating February 27, 2005

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How to use SD cards for extra iPad video storage

Now that the iPad 2 has video capabilities, storage on the device is more important than ever. Thanks to a commenter at Mac OS X Hints, you can learn to create a workaround to use SD cards and the iPad's Camera Connection Kit to get extra storage for your media.

By March 15, 2011