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George Lucas loses NIMBY clash over giant digital arts complex

The "Star Wars" filmmaker had hoped to build a 260,000-square-foot technology production facility about 30 minutes north of San Francisco. But neighbors didn't want the project.

By April 11, 2012


As alternative energy grows, NIMBY turns green

With more renewable energy projects trying to come online, the country grapples with the balance between local land use and a national push for clean energy.

By November 11, 2009


Petition urges Lucasfilm to bring giant facility to troubled city

Advocates from Vallejo, Calif., are arguing that Lucasfilm should locate its giant new production facility there. But George Lucas' company is being coy about its plans.

By April 30, 2012


CNET News Daily Podcast: No solar power in my backyard, please

Communities bristle at the thought of solar and wind farms being built near them; layoffs at Adobe; Google cuts photo storage prices; and take our survey, please!

By November 11, 2009


A cell phone tower in your backyard?

If you received a letter that a cell phone carrier was installing a new tower near your house, would a desire for better service trump other concerns?

By May 10, 2011


If virtual desktops great, why not used more?

Desktop virtualization skeptic calls supporters on not using VDI more prominently themselves. But from user perspective, pure VDI isn't goal--flexibility, efficiency are.

By December 27, 2010


New York mulls Great Lakes wind farm

The state will weigh five proposals to build an offshore wind farm that could be operating in Lake Erie or Lake Ontario by the middle of the decade.

By June 7, 2010


California utility plows ahead with midsize solar

Pacific Gas & Electric gets green light to build midsize solar arrays between 1 and 20 megawatts, an approach meant to avoid the problems with large-scale solar.

By April 23, 2010


First offshore wind turbine to be buoyed off Norway

StatoilHydro, using experience from oil and gas exploration, will test a turbine in $80 million pilot.

By May 22, 2008


Europe 'supergrid' hopefuls cast fate to wind

The Friends of the Supergrid group of companies says that tying together offshore wind farms would compensate for the variability of wind power.

By March 8, 2010