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Nikko R2-D2 projector to go on sale: Beep boop woooo

Take a look at the coolest gadget in Vegas -- your very own R2-D2 is finally ready to hit the shops in March, and its remote control is the Millennium Falcon

By January 8, 2008


Nikko's nerdtacular Star Wars R2-D2 gear

Nikko unveiled a new set of Star Wars-themed home electronics, including an R2-D2 DVD projector, an R2-D2 wireless Webcam, and a lightsaber-shaped VoIP handset.

By January 9, 2007


Two hot robots from CES 2008

CES presents two robots to scare your pets with: WowWee's curvaceous Femisapien and the R2-D2 DVD projector from Nikko Entertainment.

By January 9, 2008


2008 CES: R2-D2's Reincarnation as a projector or webcam

R2-D2 found at the CES, but as a consumer product.

By January 7, 2008


DigitalLife 2007 brings tech toy favorites

RoboPanda, i-Dog, R2D2 television projector and others still tickle the fancy of trade show attendees.

By September 28, 2007


Star Wars fighters morph into speakers

Tie Fighters are part of Nikko sound system

By March 15, 2007


'Lightsaber' phone seems a bit forced

Probably best left on the shelf

By January 16, 2007


Nyko's new Wiimote charging station

Kotaku looks at some new gaming accessories coming from Nyko, including a much-needed Nintendo Wii Remote charging station.

By January 16, 2007


CES scrapbook: Sights, sounds and general craziness

CES isn't just about shiny new gadgets. There's also the queues, the sore feet, the celebrity sightings and the straightout craziness

By January 17, 2007