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Get 160GB of National Geographic

National Geographic has compiled every issue of its magazine from 1888 to 2008 and loaded them onto a 160GB hard drive, available for purchase now.

By January 5, 2010


Apple fixes security issues with QuickTime 7.5

Latest QuickTime security updates address security issues that affect Mac and Windows users of the Apple media player.

By June 10, 2008


Gadfly zeroes in on Oracle bugs

update The Oracle community, says David Litchfield, shouldn't be so smug when it comes to database security.

By March 6, 2007


New hacker trick may expose Oracle databases

update Technique lets intruders exploit flaws previously thought to be insignificant, security researcher says at Black Hat DC.

By March 1, 2007


Week in review: Got Real ID?

Bush administration says states will have until 2013 to issue the ID cards, wants to create the equivalent of a national database.

By March 2, 2007


PC hardware can pose rootkit threat

Memory space on components such as graphics cards, DVD drives and batteries can be used by miscreants to load malicious code onto PCs.

By February 28, 2007


Microsoft to lift lid on hacker conference

It plans to publish findings from its third Blue Hat confab, where hackers give tips to Microsoft execs.

By March 17, 2006


New Sony CD security risk found

Record label fixes hole in copy-protection software exposed by digital rights group, security researchers.

By December 6, 2005


HP to acquire identity management firm

Company hopes Trustgenix buy will enhance its OpenView software, bolster its presence in enterprise management.

By November 30, 2005


RealNetworks issues critical patch

Fix addresses flaws that could allow remote attacks and infections of malicious code on PCs and Macs.

By November 11, 2005