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Nexus One Gingerbread Android 2.3 update is being pushed out this week

Rejoice, owners of Google's Nexus One smart phone. It may be getting on a bit, but the device isn't being denied Android 2.3 Gingerbread love, with an update due this week.

By February 23, 2011


Nokia takes on Google with free navigation app

Nokia updates its navigation and maps service and makes it available for free as it competes more aggressively in the smartphone market with Google and others.

By January 21, 2010


Google tweaks its Nexus One pricing

T-Mobile and Google have come together to configure a new pricing scheme for existing T-Mobile customers...sort of.

By January 15, 2010


Camera showdown: Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS

We pit the Nexus One up against the iPhone 3GS to see which one has a more capable camera. The results probably won't surprise you.

By January 12, 2010


Buying a Google Nexus One from the UK: Everything you need to know

Google is new to selling mobile phones, but the Google Nexus One could tempt you to hand over your cash. We lay out the practical steps to getting your own Nexus

By January 12, 2010


Existing T-Mobile customers won't get the $179 price for the Nexus One

It turns out that if you're an existing T-Mobile customer interested in buying the new Nexus One, you won't be able to get it for $179 with a contract. Instead, you'll have to pay either $279 or $379.

By January 5, 2010


Google Nexus One hands-on

Gizmodo takes a super-secret meeting with a source and gets a chance to play with the smartphone--or, as the writer refers to it, Google's Droid killer.

By December 23, 2009