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Next09: The seven rules of the chief meaning officer

I just came back from the next09 conference in Hamburg, one of Europe's leading digital/creative/marketing forums that stands out in the conference circuit because of its unique German-international focus.

By May 9, 2009


It's time to rethink the C-suite

Today's complex world has made the traditional set of C-level roles out-moded. We need to embrace a new set of roles that better match to the challenges companies are facing.

By March 3, 2010


Time for marketing innovation 2.0

While Pepsi, one of the world's foremost consumer brands, has acknowledged the signs of the times and is making the transition away from one-to-many mass-marketing to social marketing with meaning, marketing theory is struggling to catch up.

By December 27, 2009


From Google economy to Twitter economy

The whole time dimension of Twitter is uncharted but valuable territory, and there are other add-ins, integrators, and localization services that will emerge in this vibrant new ecosystem. The conversation on the social web is as rich as the human communi

By May 13, 2009