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Next Big Thing


Eric Schmidt predicts for 2014, says mobile has won

Google's executive chairman has gazed into his crystal ball and predicted what will be big in tech next year. Well he should know.

By December 31, 2013


What mattered on CES Day 1

On the first official day of the Consumer Electronics Show, the steady flow of new product announcements continues. Here's the stuff we think is worth seeing.

By January 10, 2012


Isaacson: Jobs was 'eager to talk,' exercise 'no control' (Q&A)

CNET chats with author Walter Isaacson, whose authorized biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs hits shelves today, about topics from Jony Ive to Apple TV.

By October 24, 2011


At IBM Research, a constant quest for the bleeding edge

Road Trip 2010: CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman visits IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center in order to get a sense of how Big Blue expects to stay ahead of its competition--and help its customers and clients.

By August 2, 2010


Internal cloud's big test: Amazon vs. Cloudera

The debate about the market for private cloud infrastructure finally has an objective test case: the choice between commercial Hadoop implementations from Cloudera and Amazon.com.

By April 4, 2009