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Nexon acquires minority stake in Gears of War designer's new games company

Cliff Bleszinski's new studio, Boss Key Productions, will be rolling out its first free-to-play title through Nexon.

By July 8, 2014


75 percent of in-game marriages end in divorce

Out of 26,982 in-game marriages consummated on the game MapleStory (at $25 each), more than 20,000 end in divorce, according to game site Nexon. The world is now officially in crisis.

By September 14, 2011


Nexon and 7-Eleven promote in-game Slurpees

I would love to buy my virtual self a nice refreshing Slurpee. The free-to-play online-game company and the corner store chain also are offering physical prizes like 7-Eleven hats.

By November 11, 2008


Shooting the boss (and getting paid for it)

At more and more companies, employees are being encouraged to play video games together as team-building exercises.

By August 13, 2009


Trends in free-to-play gaming

Online gaming is a brave new world of economic development. What can be learned from gaming may be applicable to open source as well.

By September 22, 2008


Designing Web apps for the entire world

Want to build a Web app? Better make sure it's ready for that part of the world.

By April 23, 2008