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U.K. to repeal 'SOPA-like' site-blocking

The U.K. government is to repeal two sections of a key antipiracy law that would have allowed it to block Web sites by court order, after copyright holders beat them to it.

By June 28, 2012


'Censorship creep': Pirate Bay block will affect one-third of U.K.

Nearly 10 years ago, "Cleanfeed" was designed to protect the British public from child abuse imagery. A decade later, the same system is used to enforce ISP blocks on sites like The Pirate Bay. How did the U.K. fall into "censorship creep"?

By June 16, 2012


Newzbin BT ban demanded for Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk

The movie industry is demanding the ban on Newzbin be extended to all the big Internet service providers.

By November 9, 2011


BT block isn't working, says Newzbin

Newzbin, the site that links to copyright infringing content, is now blocked by BT. But Newzbin says the block isn't working.

By November 4, 2011


Culture secretary wants Google to block piracy sites

The UK culture secretary Jeremy Hunt has said the government wants sites like Google to block copyright-infringing sites from search results.

By September 15, 2011


Newzbin filesharing site has to be blocked by BT, court orders

A High Court judge has ordered BT to block its customers from accessing filesharing site Newzbin, following pressure from Hollywood movie studios.

By July 28, 2011


CNET UK Podcast 247: Newz kid on the block

For the first time, an ISP has been ordered to block a pirate site. But you can't block the CNET UK team when we podcast the latest tech news and views.

By July 29, 2011


Hollywood studios take BT to court to block filesharing site Newzbin

Major movie studios are seeking an injunction against BT that would force the ISP to block its customers from visiting filesharing website Newzbin.

By June 29, 2011


CNET UK Podcast 216: M-Zuck is 'person of the year'

As well as discussing Mark Zuckerberg being named Time magazine's 'Person of the Year', we ran through the week's most interesting tech news and picked the coolest new gadget of the week.

By December 17, 2010