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USA Today to release 'Back to the Future' paper on newsstands

The headlines seen in "Back to the Future Part II" will make a real appearance in the world as USA Today distributes a replica newspaper cover on Thursday.

By October 21, 2015


Apple eyes Flipboard terrain as Newsstand gets nixed, report says

The Flipboard news-reader, rumored to be an acquisition target for the likes of Twitter, Yahoo and Google, could face a new threat from Apple.

By June 8, 2015


Get discounts on magazines with the Play Newsstand sale

Now's the time to check out digital magazines available on the Google Play Store. With a sale to celebrate the launch of a new app, it's hard to beat these prices.

By November 22, 2013


With iOS 7 you can finally hide Newsstand

Apple has given up control of Newsstand, letting users decide if it stays on the home screen or in a folder.

By September 18, 2013


Apple Newsstand ropes in longtime holdout WSJ

The Wall Street Journal has changed course on its digital subscriptions, agreeing to give Apple nearly a third of its revenue for a spot in Newsstand.

By December 21, 2012


How to hide the Newsstand icon in a folder on iOS

Hide your empty Newsstand icon in a folder on your iOS device using this simple, jailbreak-free method.

By October 8, 2012


Apple's Newsstand raking in $70K a day, study says

According to a new study, Apple's storefront for newspapers and magazines earned about $70,000 a day during February.

By March 27, 2012


Yahoo and Google said to debut new digital newsstands

The two Web titans are set to launch rivals to the popular Flipboard, giving tablet users more options for reading news and magazine content.

By October 28, 2011


How to hide the Newsstand icon on iOS 5

One of the annoyances of iOS 5 for some users is the fact that the Newsstand icon cannot be placed into a folder and banished to the last page of apps. As it turns out, there is a trick to placing it in a folder.

By October 13, 2011


iOS 5 Newsstand is one small, small step for digital magazines

We go hands-on with the newly added Newsstand app, but does it really change the magazine experience on the iPad?

By October 13, 2011