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News Corp. CEO calls Google thieves (and other things)

Technically Incorrect: Robert Thompson even mocked Google's new Alphabet and tried to find negative adjectives to suit each letter.

By August 14, 2015


Google strikes back at News Corp.'s antitrust complaint to EU

Amid a tangle with EU regulators over how it displays search results, Google gets into a war of words with Rupert Murdoch's media giant.

By September 25, 2014


Hackers on screen: These experts keep 'Mr. Robot' realistic (Q&A)

CNET talks with some of the humans behind "Mr. Robot" about what makes the show compelling even if you're not well versed in hacking.

By July 16, 2016


Pokemon Go: All of these celebrities are playing the game

Seemingly everyone is playing Pokemon Go, including all of these celebrities.

By July 13, 2016


7-Eleven celebrates 50th anniversary of Slurpee with free giveaway

The convenience store chain's signature slush drink turns 50, and you can nab a free one today.

By July 11, 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 21: What comes after the zombie apocalypse

In the penultimate installment of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, the resurrection war on Earth resolves and humanity turns to the true threat.

By June 30, 2016


'Mr. Robot' to explore virtual reality in next season

As hacker Elliot tries to recover three days of lost memories, viewers will be treated to a VR scene.

By June 15, 2016


SoftBank to sell most of its stake in 'Puzzle & Dragons' maker GungHo

The move comes a week after the telecommunications giant announced plans to sell part of its stake in Alibaba.

By June 6, 2016


Nokia may cut up to 15,000 jobs worldwide

The layoffs represent the latest fall from grace for the once-powerful Nokia name.

By May 24, 2016


'Crowd Control,' part 8: Traveling between universes requires a new body

In the latest installment of CNET's crowdsourced sci-fi novel, visitors from another universe arrive via a very unusual vehicle.

By May 18, 2016