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'Mad Men' types needed: Sort through vintage New York Times ads

A world of mini-skirt, fiberglass car and Paul Newman movie ads awaits you with the New York Times' Madison, a project that asks the public to dig through vintage advertising.

By October 16, 2014


Racing blind: Visual impairment needn't stop you from hitting the track

Mike Newman was born blind, but that hasn't stopped him pursuing his passion for speed. He recently became the first blind person to drive over 200mph -- XCAR finds out how he does it.

September 11, 2014


Hacked Web mail accounts used to send spam

While Websense has seen a rise in spam following the compromise of thousands of Web mail accounts, security experts are split over how the accounts were breached.

By October 10, 2009


Flippin' out at the 2009 AMP Energy 500

Ryan Newman defies death in his flipping 39 car at yesterday's Nascar Sprint Cup race in Talladega.

By November 2, 2009


The 404 156: Where we animate Scaley McGrabAss

Our guest today is Stone Newman from Go!Animate, enter The 404 animation contest, Spore porn, pay per sick note, GTA copycat killings, geeks as better lovers, and TV shows on the big screen.

By August 5, 2008


CNET Live - Episode 57

Daniel Newman, executive director of MAPlight.org showed us how his website lets you trace how money is influencing politicians.

By June 5, 2008


Q&A: Designing a 21st-century space suit

MIT professor Dava Newman tells how the form-fitting BioSuit will help give NASA a ready-to-wear outfit for the moon and Mars.

October 3, 2007


Investigation spurs Xybernaut resignations

Edward G. Newman and Steven A. Newman separately submitted letters of resignation from board of directors.

By May 9, 2005


Present at the 'e'-creation

Thirty years ago, a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson working for Bolt Beranek and Newman sent the first electronic message. The rest, as they say, is history.

By October 10, 2001


Pressplay fills out exec team

Pressplay, the music subscription service jointly owned by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, has hired a trio of new executives as it moves toward launch. Gene Kaino, formerly executive vice president at Jimmy and Doug's Farmclub.com, will serve in the same role at Pressplay. Kaino will oversee music programming efforts at the subscription service on both the content and technical side. Deborah Newman, most recently a vice president at start-up FullAudio, will serve as Pressplay's senior vice president of marketing, responsible for relationships with the Microsoft Network, Yahoo and other affiliates. Alex Luke, a longtime broadcast radio program director, will be Pressplay's vice president of music programming.

By August 21, 2001