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Airbus A350 heads to northern Canada for tests in cold, snow

Shortly after the French aircraft maker finishes high-elevation tests in Bolivia on one version of the energy-efficient jet, it begins cold-weather testing on Baffin Island.

By January 29, 2014


Bid to cross Atlantic in flying rowboat fizzles, balloonist rescued

Ambitious stunt doesn't quite fly, as Canadian news chopper picks up North Carolina man who landed in Newfoundland.

By September 13, 2013


New iPad app could help save endangered whales at sea

Whale Alert is designed to give ship captains a warning that right whales are in their vicinity. The hope is that mariners will be able to avoid colliding with the highly endangered animals.

By April 4, 2012


Man builds social network using Atlantic Ocean

Canadian Harold Hackett has created his own social network of over 3,000 friends using bottled messages and tides.

By September 26, 2011


Safe Driving Monitor supervises teen drivers

The Safe Driving Monitor from Root Four Imagination monitors a driver's speed, distance traveled, and braking habits. The device is marketed to parents of teenagers who may be concerned with their child's driving risks.

By November 25, 2009


BOL 1031: Happy SysAdmin Day!

Today, the last Friday of July is SysAdmin day and we appreciate them even more because they came through during the live show and got us back online. We also talk about David Pogue's new movement to "take back the beep."

By July 31, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 911: Giggles per dollar

Nintendo is smashing the competition in game consoles and Rafe thinks he knows the reason why. The G/D ratio will probably become a new economic leading indicator. We also determine just how long you should wait for Windows 7.

By February 13, 2009


Episode 581: The final EULA!

Rest easy, friends. You'll never have to agree to another EULA again. This one covers everything.

By October 12, 2007


NORAD ready for Santa trek

For the 50th consecutive year, the professionals paid to protect North America against an aerospace attack will be intently focused on their jobs Christmas Eve--tracking Santa. [Missing Links]

By December 20, 2004