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First Look: Apple's new in-ear headphones

CNET's Donald Bell takes a look at Apple's new in-ear headphones for the iPod.

By September 11, 2008


How to set up a subwoofer

Learn how to correctly set up your subwoofers for optimal placement and connectivity.

By August 29, 2012


Bose upgrades in-ear headphones with free accessories

Bose will be upgrading its in-ear headphones with three free accessories to improve the product's stability when exercising.

By March 8, 2007


Philips SHE-9850 In-Ear Headphones are super sleek and comfy

The Philips SHE-9850 In-Ear Headphones are an excellent choice for style-conscious listeners who demand comfort and detailed audio response.

By May 27, 2008


Sennheiser MX W1: Wireless in-ear earphones

They might cost the Earth, but Sennheiser's brand new MX W1 wireless in-ear earphones offer lossless transmission of audio in a stylish, small form factor

By January 9, 2008


Photos: Exclusive ears-on with Denon AH-D7000 headphones

We've waited over a year to hear how Denon was going to follow the epically awesome AH-D5000 headphones, and now we can -- we've got the AH-D7000 cans in-house

By September 5, 2008


Two new headphones from Acoustic Research hit this fall

Acoustic Research will be releasing two new high-end headphones that allow for 5.1 surround on the go.

By September 19, 2008


Look professional with AKG's high-def headphones

High-end audio manufacturer AKG has introduced a range of high-def headphones designed to please the pickiest of music appreciators.

By July 3, 2008


JVC goes slim with new headphones

JVC has announced the HA-SX500, new super-slim headphones with in-ear canal earpieces that will hit stores in April for $79.99.

By April 2, 2008


Denon goes after Bose with the AH-NC732 noise-canceling headphones

Denon's AH-NC732, the company's first noise-canceling headphones, are a direct challenger to the Bose QuietComfort 3s.

By May 21, 2008