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Always On: Controlling games and gadgets with your mind

Molly Wood visits Neurosky and Chaotic Moon Labs and tries out video games, toys, and a motorized skateboard that she steers with her mind. Seriously, with her mind!

By July 25, 2012


Watch how robot cat ears can read your mood

CNET's Boonsri Dickinson talks with NeuroSky about how these robotic cat ears can wiggle and move to reflect how focused or relaxed its wearers are. We got a demo and had a chance to test them out for ourselves.

By July 18, 2011


Why bother with passwords when you can have passthoughts?

Some Berkeley researchers think they can get you to emit your password through your thoughts. Well, we're always thinking "12345," aren't we?

By April 8, 2013


Design grad creates toy car you control with your mind

Dutch design graduate creates a lightweight toy car that only moves forward with the right level of concentration. He imagines it could help those with attention deficit disorders.

By October 30, 2013


Headphones: This is your brain on music

Aside from the fact that it can sense whether you're flatlined, this device can diagnose something as simple as sleep disorders or be used by developing robots assistants to read the brainwaves of the elderly and disabled.

By March 2, 2010


Samsung working on mind-controlled tablets and phones

Samsung has teamed up with university boffins to start testing mind-controlled tablets and smart phones.

By April 21, 2013


In paralysis, finding freedom via brain-wave tech

ALS patient and advocate Eric Valor is part of an experimental project to test out a brain-wave-reading headset, technology that could one day give paralyzed people more independence.

By August 30, 2014


Artist vibrates water with the power of thought

Performance artist Lisa Park uses electroencephalography to create dancing ripples across the surface of water as a statement on the hidden power of the mind.

By June 14, 2013