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Use nettop command to check per-application network activity in OS X

While Activity Monitor will show you process stats, it does not give you information on which programs may be using your network bandwidth.

By April 24, 2013


CompuLab launches its smallest Nettop PC ever

Designed as a nettop and powered by Nvidia's ARM-based Tegra 2 mobile processor, the new Trim-Slice from CompuLab is the company's smallest and most energy-efficient slim PC to date.

By January 26, 2011


Google TV or a Nettop?

How does a Google TV-based device like the Logitech Revue compare with a similarly priced Windows 7 Nettop?

By October 8, 2010


eMachines joins the Nettop crowd with ER1402-05 'mini-e'

New eMachines ER1402-05 mini-e offers living room-friendly form factor

By June 25, 2010


How new Blu-ray players killed the Nettop

Caught between fast budget PCs and cheap new Blu-ray players with content streaming support, Nettops have little room to stand out.

By April 15, 2010


Deus Ex: Human Revolution: More human than human

Eleven years since the franchise's first title, Human Revolution attempts to reignite the spark that Deus Ex successfully achieved back in 2000 on the PC.

By August 24, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1442: Netflix streams to the top, Xoom zooms to the bottom (Podcast)

Netflix reportedly will pay about $100 million to stream every episode of Mad Men: chump change, if predictions of an $800 million streaming TV market turn out to be true. Also, it seems that everyone wants to get in on the tablet market, but given reported XOOM sales of only about 100,000, it's possible the only tablet market there is is for iPads. Plus, AT&T iPhones and their dropped calls, and Obama goes to Facebook. -- Molly

By April 6, 2011


Shuttle X50 all-in-one Nettop lands on U.S. shores

The all-in-one Nettop is the latest in a growing trend of touch-screen, Atom-powered desktops.

By April 23, 2009


MSI Wind Top AE1900, AE2200: Imminent all-in-one nettops

MSI really has no shame. Not content with jumping on the Eee PC bandwagon with its Wind netbooks, it’s just announced a couple of Wind Top nettops, inspired by the Asus Eee Top

6 Images By April 21, 2009


All-in-one Nettops resurrecting desktop market

Less expensive all-in-one desktop PCs with Atom processors are a hot category, and one of the few ways to buy Windows XP on a desktop these days.

By April 14, 2009