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Ditch the disc: A guide to online music in Australia

CDs are like so 1990s, man. If you're ready to ditch the disc, check out CNET.com.au's list of on-line music stores in Australia.

By October 25, 2005


Norton Utilities/AntiVirus remnants causing Mozilla-based browser (Firefox) issues?

Norton Utilities/AntiVirus remnants causing Mozilla-based browser (Firefox) issues?

By August 15, 2005


AOL previews new e-mail software

The company is testing "Fanfare," a beefed-up version of its AOL Communicator e-mail software, in a push to attract more broadband customers.

By May 21, 2004


AOL courts teen green with Red

America Online launches a service with an array of customized features aimed at teenagers in an effort to woo the highly sought-after market.

By February 3, 2004


AOL uncloaks anti-spyware software

America Online announces the addition of anti-spyware software as part of future upgrades to its flagship online service.

By January 6, 2004


AOL testing service upgrade

America Online starts testing a feature that lets customers dial in to the Net without launching AOL's content-heavy software, part of a campaign to win back the hearts of online consumers.

By November 4, 2003


AOL eyes discount Internet service

America Online is readying a low-priced version of its proprietary online service--using the Netscape name--as it reaches out to a cost-conscious market for dial-up Internet access, a source says.

By October 14, 2003


AOL defends kingdom with cheaper option

America Online's plan to launch a new discount Net access service spotlights the threat it faces from both cheaper alternatives and speedier broadband offerings.

By October 16, 2003


AOL backtracks on Winamp media player

America Online's celebrated Nullsoft division is taking a page out of Coca-Cola's playbook, reviving a "classic" version of its flagship Winamp MP3 player.

By June 27, 2003


Microsoft recharges MSN 8

The software giant says it will release an updated version of its MSN Internet service on Wednesday, the latest salvo in its ongoing campaign to unseat America Online.

By June 3, 2003