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Microsoft .NET XML Web Services Step by Step

By Adam Freeman, Allen JonesPublished by Microsoft Press (http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780735617209)XML Web services are the next logical step in...

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WorldCash.netis a new and very different online and mobile payment system. Unlike other payment systems, which rely on credit and debit cards to be...

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MSI announces three all-in-one PCs, calls them Wind Netons for some reason

MSI announces three Nettops that will be released next year.

By November 19, 2008


Michael Moore plans Net-only film premiere

Filmmaker plans to premiere his latest documentary exclusively on the Internet for free, forgoing the traditional theatrical release.

By September 4, 2008


MSI's 2009 lineup

In 2009, MSI is coming out with a PC for all markets, from Netbooks, to all-in-ones, and even something for the gamers, starting with two new models in the U-Series line: the U115 and the U120.

By January 9, 2009


Airlines put Net-only fares on ice

At a time when the airlines are struggling to get customers to fly, many of the largest carriers have temporarily shelved one of their most effective promotions: e-fares.

By September 19, 2001


Simon & Schuster offers Net-only Stephen King novel

Stepping up its online distribution efforts, the publisher taps e-merchandiser SoftLock to sell the horror author's latest novel exclusively over the Internet.

By March 8, 2000


E-tailers look for profits with Net-only products

Taking a page from direct sales companies such as L.L. Bean and Dell Computer, a growing number of e-commerce firms are introducing products that consumers can only buy online.

By January 24, 2000


Bertelsmann plans Net-only gay and lesbian book club

The book club unit of the German media giant plans a Gay and Lesbian club, which will be only on the Internet, according to a company source.

August 3, 1999


Bank One launches Net-only business

The launch of WingspanBank.com--an independent entity--is unusual for a large bank.

June 24, 1999


Short Take: Net-only record firm launches single in MP3

GoodNoise--a Net-only record firm--has launched its first tracks using MP3, a format that produces highly compressed files with good sound quality and is favored by pirates. The songs, by Frank Black and the Catholics, cost 99 cents each, GoodNoise said. The album, to be released in MP3 format next month, will cost $8.99. The move follows Hollywood Records' release last week of a free promotional single in MP3 format.

July 30, 1998


More Net-only IPOs come online

The second public stock offering in two days on the Internet may renew interest in using the Net as an alternative route to raise investment capital.

By October 23, 1996