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Why today's NFL is a paradise for nerds

Raised in 1980s Denver, caught in the grips of Broncomania, Crave's Eric Mack later stopped following the NFL for 15 years. This year he jumped back on the Broncos bandwagon and quickly felt more at home than ever.

By Jan. 19, 2014


Get a monthly mystery care package for nerds

A new service called Nerd Block sends a nerd-themed mystery gift every month for just $20.

By Aug. 16, 2013


Harrison Ford brilliantly deals with time-warped nerds

You're trying to launch a new space movie. But the nerds at Comic-Con can still only see you as Han Solo and Indiana Jones. How mad should you get?

By Jul. 19, 2013


At last! Science draws a line between geeks and nerds

Using Twitter data, and actual math, a line gets drawn in the sands of Tattooine/Tyree to finally separate the worlds of geeks and nerds. Crave's Eric Mack tours this newly defined dorky universe.

By Jun. 27, 2013


Dear nerds, there will be no revenge

A study by economists declares that bookwormy, nerdy people will not, in fact, earn more than their dimmer, but more likeable counterparts.

By Oct. 22, 2012


At 'Game of Thrones' premiere, nerds can identify

The cast and crew of the hit HBO show come to San Francisco to screen the first episode of season three, and the hotness was off the charts. Even Google Glass made a cameo.

By Mar. 21, 2013


Android identity crisis: Is it for nerds or everyone?

There are signs Google understands what's necessary to make Android resonate with mainstream customers. But techie marketing messages undermine the effort.

By Oct. 19, 2011


Step aside, steampunks. 'Steam nerds' run real locomotives

Train fanatics can get a taste of 19th century steam locomotive magic at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in California's Gold Country. CNET Road Trip 2012 stopped in for a ride.

By Jul. 25, 2012


'Steam nerds' keep 19th century train magic alive (pictures)

In California's Gold Country, the longest continually-running steam locomotive operation still offers a view of how the 19th century engines work. CNET Road Trip 2012 got a first-hand look.

27 Images By Jul. 25, 2012


The new politics of Silicon Valley: Revenge of the nerds

A new generation of technology freedom fighters is emerging to fight lopsided legislation including SOPA and Protect IP. Whether they win or lose, the real question is whether they can create something that will last beyond just one issue.

By Jan. 5, 2012