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Will laws soon stop you from filming your neighbors?

With the topical focus on one human spying on another, authorities in the U.K. believe new laws may be necessary to prevent people from filming their neighbors using their CCTV security systems.

By Jun. 9, 2013


Stick it to your neighbors with your Wi-Fi name

People are reportedly choosing insulting Wi-Fi names in order to send neighbors a message. "Shut the barking dog up, No 7" being just one example.

By Oct. 18, 2012


Neighbors to Twitter co-founder: Cease and desist

Change doesn't come easily in San Francisco, so it's no surprise that history buffs are fighting Evan Williams' plans to destroy an old house.

By Aug. 14, 2012


Apple details new, futuristic campus plans to neighbors

Steve Jobs' spaceship-like facility will hold 13,000 employees and could open in 2015.

By May. 21, 2012


Which mini-speaker annoys the neighbors most?

We test three popular brands of mini-speaker to see which puts out the best sound--and most irks our apartment building superintendent.

By Sep. 19, 2011


More people grabbing Wi-Fi from their neighbors

New poll sponsored by the Wi-Fi Alliance finds that 32 percent of those questioned admit to trying to access Wi-Fi networks that weren't theirs, up from 18 percent two years ago.

By Feb. 4, 2011


Spider-bot pumpkin sure to terrify neighbors

The Creeper2 walking robot is decidedly the scariest way to dispense treats on Halloween.

By Oct. 30, 2009


Model S keyboards will drive your neighbors click clack crazy

The Das Keyboard Model S series was forged in the fires of the original IBM Model M keyboards that shipped with all IBM-branded computers back in the 1980s.

By Jul. 1, 2010


Bug the neighbors with an MP3 doorbell

The ringtone trend has gone too far.

By Jun. 20, 2007


Paintball tank will terrorize your neighbors

For only $14,400, you can customize one that will fit in the garage.

By Sep. 25, 2007